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- For clients that do not meet the requirements for Pick-N-Pack Montana sign up feel free to contact our sister company located in Virginia. The website is

-How fast can you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

Our turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours on most shipments - if not sooner.  During 4th quarter subject to change.


​-How soon can I start shipping to your warehouse?

As soon as we have your account set up. Please contact us to get you started.

-What's your address?

Pick-&-Pack Montana

We are located in Billings Montana. We will provide our customers with a shipping address after your account is set up. We do this to avoid online retailers from finding out we are a prep center. 

Do you require sellers to have Inventory Lab? 

Yes it is required.

-Is your warehouse secured?

Yes. We have 24/7 surveillance security with cameras in every location. We are fully insured.

-Do you work with new Amazon Sellers?

We require sellers to have an active Amazon Seller Central account for 1 year. 

-Do you work with book sellers?

Yes but the books must be new.

-Can we accept pallet shipping? 

At this time we cannot. In the future we will be providing this service to our clients. 

-Who pays for inbound/outbound shipping?

All inbound/outbound shipping charges are paid through your Seller Central Account by you.

-Will you disclose any of my product or personal information?

Absolutely Not! We respect and value each one of our customers.

-How are returns handled for damaged or unwanted items?

We only handle Amazon returns from current clients who use our prep service for FBA or Pick & Pack Fulfillment. We charge a flat rate return fee of $1.50 per unit. We add condition notes of each return onto your workflow sheet. Clients must add return details onto google spreadsheet before we receive item(s).

-Do you accept Liquidation lots? 

Sorry, at this time we do not. Most often, items from liquidators are expired or dirty. We only accept new inventory.

- We will attempt to verify the listings you provide us to make sure it matches the Amazon listing. If we believe it's incorrect we will contact you. 

- We prep the products with care in trying make sure they will stand up to Amazon's shipping procedures. We cannot guarantee the products will safely arrive with Amazon's shipping FBA to the customer due to unforeseen circumstances. 

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