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Sales Tax Free Amazon Prep Center

Who We Are: An Amazon FBA Prep Center

Pick-N-Pack Montana is an Amazon FBA Prep Service located in Billings MT to meet the needs of Amazon FBA sellers. We also offer seller fulfilled services. Pick-N-Pack Montana is a full-service prep and ship warehouse.  PPM is strategically located in a Sales Tax-Free state Montana. US based prep center with multiple locations.

Why choose a sales tax free prep center? That's simple, the savings you get from not paying sales tax basically pays for your prep services. Money savings = more for your bottom line!

                                                So, what does an Amazon FBA Prep Center do?

     Put simply, we let you focus on what you’re best at: finding products to sell, and selling them. We let you outsource the boring, labor-intensive–and frankly, inefficient–part of your business to a warehouse that can use its scale to make the process cheaper and better. We save you time. You just ship your purchases directly to us from your distributor, and we handle opening the boxes, checking the items for damage and completeness of shipment, making them look nice for customers, and getting them sent back out the door as swiftly as possible with excellent shipping prices. We know how important turnaround time is for Amazon FBA sellers, and we know it’s one of the main things sellers look for in an Amazon FBA Prep Service. We promise to always treat your items with the customer–and your business–in mind. Our customers all say that we are the best Amazon FBA prep center they have used.

      We charge a per-item rate based on your tier. We offer several different plans for sellers with different needs, from small, newer sellers to the most experienced and largest-volume sellers in need of an Amazon FBA Prep Service. You can read about our FBA prep pricing here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the services we can offer to help you grow your business.

We are currently at full capacity for our Montana location.   

Our other location is still accepting new clients. Please click the button listed to view that website.

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